Naruto | Sound Lords | Orochimaru and Kimimaro

Houston Texas | Summer 2011

kaname maria and shizuka

It is always very satisfying and a lot of fun to be the villains. We have both cosplayed different versions of Orochimaru at cons but for this weekend cosplay we decided to go for Orochimaru (Aimee) and Kimimaro (Maria). Both the cosplays were made by us, the “butt bows” were actually a lot of fun to do, we made them together since these were props that required both sewing and craftiness. Cosplay is a learning process so we take opportunity to practice makeup and techniques and get some good pictures while we are at it. This was first shoot done with our upgraded photography equipment. We are always cosplaying, it is part of our daily lives now.

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Images all taken by FoxyCosplyers ;)
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