Naruto | Akatsuki Day Out | Itachi & Deidara

Houston Texas, Cosplay Day Out | Spring 2011

itachiuchiha deidara

Deidara and Itachi were the first cosplays we did together. We wore these to Cosplay Day Out 2011 and Friday for Anime Matsuri 2011. These are probably retired from con action unless they are specifically requested or there is going to be other Akatsuki cosplayers. These cosplays were commissioned; everything for them was bought except the shoe covers, which we made ourselves by hand. Aimee styled the Deidara wig with an unusal technique she came up with herself to make the pony tail look right. Deidara is cosplayed by Aimee and Itachi by Maria.

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Images curtesy of Sayuri13!
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