Inuyasha | New Moon | Hanyou and Human Inuyasha

Onicon, Galveston Texas | Summer 2011

sakura tomoyo

Inuyasha is a series we both fell in love with and we both wanted to cosplay Inuyasha, so what better solution to this problem than for both of us to cosplay him, different versions that is. The problem with these cosplays was trying to make them as historically accurate as possible while staying true to the character. A lot of research was done about the clothing of the period and a lot of character analysis as we were not familiar with Japanese clothing of that era. The garments include a white under “haori”, the red suikan type jacket, and the red sashinuki, all three of which are fully lined. For the white Inuyasha wig, three wigs were actually used and two for the black one but same technique was applied. These were another set of dream cosplays which were very fun and comfortable to wear, we foresee that this will probably never be retired. Hanyou (normal) Inuyasha is cosplayed by Aimee and human Inuyasha is cosplayed by Maria.

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Images all taken by Foxy Cosplayers and FallingFeathers
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