Vampire Knight | Blood Relations | Kaname, Shizuka Hio and Maria Kurenai

Houston Texas | Summer 2011

kaname maria and shizuka

FoxyCosplay has a total of three Cross Academy uniforms. This gallery includes pictures from two different shoots, one with Kaname (Maria) and Maria (Aimee and the other with Shizuka (Maria) and Maria (Aimee). Maria’s wig was styled by Aimee, while Maria styled Kaname’s and Shizuka’s. Shizuka’s cosplay was made by us, this was a replica Furisode Kimono with two date-eri type collars. These are our back up cosplays for last minute events and cons. Zero and Ichiru cosplays soon to be added to this gallery.

To view the full photoshoot, check out our flicker!
Images all taken by FoxyCosplyers ;)
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